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When prosecutors hide evidence from the defense

Prosecutors in Florida have a constitutional duty to inform defense attorneys about all exculpatory evidence in a case. Unfortunately, some prosecutors ignore this duty in an effort to better their odds of winning at trial. Doing so is both morally reprehensible and unethical.

Complicity and conspiracy

An accomplice to a Florida crime is as guilty as the actual perpetrator, and they both face the same punishment. Complicity, as well as aiding and abetting, are other terms for this. Conspiracy is not the same as complicity. This term described the planning by two or more people of a crime to be committed in the future.

Think you can graduate from criminal mistakes? Think again

Every college student knows that college life isn't exactly easy. It is a time of discovery, uncertainty and transition between being a kid and becoming an adult. Unfortunately, too many people assume that college is an isolated time in life; that what we do and learn in college doesn't necessarily follow us into the so-called real world.