Clearwater Probation Violation Lawyers

At the Clearwater law office of Hoskins & Penton we have over 50 years combined experience as criminal defense lawyers, handling various probation cases. We have represented clients in DUI, misdemeanor and more serious felony probation violations. In the event that a client is placed on probation and violates probation terms, we have experience in quickly getting our clients back on track.

New Port Richey Probation Violation Attorneys: Getting our Clients Back on Track

There can be a wide range of reasons as to why probation is violated. As experienced attorneys we understand that it is not always intentional. There can be situations beyond your control; you may be asleep when your probation officer knocks at your door. You may move to a new address and somehow your probation officer is left without the updated address.

When our clients face a problem with probation, we find out exactly what happened, what caused it and whether or not it was willful on the part of the client.

If a person violates probation and goes to jail, they lose their right to bail, and often face staying in jail until the matter has been resolved. With our legal help and representation we are able to quickly resolve these violations and get our clients out of jail and back on the path of successfully completing probation.

Our first commitment is to our clients, and we work to get them back on track.

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