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Have You Been Charged With A DUI?

Drivers being charged with a first-time DUI penalty typically don’t know what to expect or what the ramifications are. As experienced, well-established criminal defense attorneys, we’ll help you understand, and work your way through the system and minimize the damage done. At the law office of Hoskins & Penton, we have helped numerous clients with traffic offenses. Let us help you, too.

Minimizing The Damage Of A DUI Arrest

With a first-time DUI offense, it is critical to hire an attorney as soon as possible. We guide our first-time DUI offenders through the system, working to have the DUI charge reduced or completely dropped. Our solid working knowledge of the courts helps us as we seek to reduce our clients’ charges and to minimize the impact on their lives.

With proper representation, the first DUI charge can be reduced to a reckless driving charge; that will ensure fewer legal consequences in the event that there is a second offense. In the meantime, we ensure that our clients take action that will help them in their case such as attending DUI school. We make sure our clients have completed the steps to qualify for a restricted license without delay rather than losing it entirely.

At The Law Offices of Hoskins and Penton, P.A., we serve the needs of clients in St. Petersburg, Tampa, New Port Richey, and the greater Clearwater, Florida area. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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What About Multiple DUIs?

In the case of a second or third DUI offense, jail time is likely and can even result in mandatory prison time. In these cases we do our best to limit the time spent in jail to a minimum, recognizing its effects on both the client and his or her family. We also keep this in mind when defending you against a felony DUI manslaughter charge.

We do everything possible to keep any jail time to a minimum. Our firm will tirelessly work to ensure the least possible impact on your license and act to resolve your case quickly.

What Should I Know About DUI Manslaughter?

The public judges this particular offense quite harshly, and the Florida Legislature is equally critical when it comes to the penalties you may face. DUI manslaughter is classified as a second-degree felony punishable by a maximum of 15 years in state prison. If the driver is also accused of leaving the scene of the accident, he or she will face a first-degree felony with a maximum of 30 years in prison.

At Hoskins & Penton, we will challenge the collected evidence to convince a judge or prosecutor to depart from statutory requirements and consider alternative or reduced sentencing.

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No one should face the courtroom alone. If you have been charged with a DUI or have questions about our services, contact our office for a free consultation regarding criminal defense and injury cases. Our dependable attorneys are available by phone or online.

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