Clearwater Criminal Defense Lawyers

"A courtroom is not a place where truth and innocence inevitably triumph; it is only an arena where contending lawyers fight not for justice, but to win." Clarence Darrow

At the Florida law firm of Hoskins & Penton we fight to win! We are caring, knowledgeable trial lawyers who have more than 50 years combined experience as legal professionals. With Manny prosecuting for six years and Rob doing strictly civil practice for 10 years, Hoskins & Penton brings two distinctly different perspectives to the table in analyzing and evaluating a case. We don't assume our clients are innocent. We KNOW our clients are innocent.

Aggressive Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorneys

We care about our clients and would never urge a client to plead guilty to something that they haven't done. We are Clearwater criminal defense attorneys who work hard to work out a plea bargain our client can live with, or to have the case completely dismissed.

At the same time, we are seasoned trial lawyers who are ready to go to trial. We work hard for our clients in every case and in every way to achieve the best possible outcome, no matter what criminal charge you are facing, from felony drug crimes charges of drug possession to helping you preserve your license after a DUI arrest.

Florida Civil Trial Lawyers

We have been practicing law since 1978 in various legal areas and have experience handling all types of cases involving injuries, business, government, construction, real estate, family law and other fields. With this experience and knowledge of civil law we can better explain our clients' cases both before and during trial.

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