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“A courtroom is not a place where truth and innocence inevitably triumph; it is only an arena where contending lawyers fight not for justice, but to win.”

Clarence Darrow

Who We Are

We are a law firm founded by Manny Penton and Rob Hoskins. Our attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from criminal prosecution and civil litigation, and use those perspectives to build winning strategies. Unique angles, aggressive tactics and insight into the opposition. This is what we bring to each and every case.

We fight to keep you free and your future intact.

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Our Commitment To You

We built our firm on the principle that we do not assume our clients are innocent. We know they are. We fight every single case that comes to us with that knowledge behind us. Every one of our clients deserves their freedom. No one will fight as hard as the person who knows what is at stake.

You deserve an attorney who will fight for you the way you deserve. The law is complex, and it is against you in many ways. We will put you on even ground and not give an inch in your defense.

Dedicated, knowledgeable defense in Clearwater Florida

I am beyond thankful to Mr. Penton for all his help. I got in car accident back in May in which the other driver was at fault. I had no idea dealing with Allstate (the other driver’s insurance company) would be such a headache.

I will recommend this legal defense team to everyone I know! Emmanuel Penton is not only an exceptional lawyer but a honest and compassionate human. He was honest, clear and upfront about everything I should expect.

I had a 17 year old warrant that stopped me from getting a great job here in my state. Ten states away Manny Penton, who very pleasant and knowledgeable to me on the telephone, solved my problem. And I didn’t even have to leave my state.

What We Do

Our criminal defense practice is comprehensive. We provide unique, aggressive representation for anyone charged with:

Driving offenses:

This includes drunk driving and
license issues that can negatively impact your ability to work and live.


There are many ways that an accusation of drug trafficking will hurt your future.

There is no simple way to fight a
serious felony. It takes dedication, aggressive tactics and a willingness to go to court to defend your rights.

We also can help you with post-conviction relief or many other areas of criminal law. We want to protect you. No matter your circumstances or your history, you deserve the best possible.

We Have The Tools And Drive To Defend Your Rights

Our firm has been built on the promise to fight for each of our clients as hard as we possibly can. You deserve a defense built specifically for who you are and where you come from. Contact us today either by phone at 727-475-6448 or by using this online form.