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Firearms Attorneys in Clearwater, Florida

How Firearms Charges Will Affect You

Charges that involve a weapon are always more serious, especially a firearm. At the law office of Hoskins & Penton, we have experience handling these cases, including felony drug offenses. We also have experience defending people charged with gun crimes resulting from domestic violence situations, neighborhood disputes, or fights that take place in parks, cars, or other public spaces. Additionally, in many drug-dealing transactions, firearms are involved.

Sentencing Guidelines For Florida Firearms Or Weapons Charges

In Florida, certain charges carry a minimum mandatory sentence if there is a gun involved. If the charges say “a firearm” or “a gun,” it carries a minimum three-year mandatory prison sentence. At Hoskins & Penton, we will strenuously attempt to have the charges amended from “firearm” to “weapon” so the mandatory minimum component is dropped.

What you may also not realize is that if you use a gun to commit any crime, you can receive up to 10 years in prison automatically. During a commission of any serious crime, if you fire a gun, you can receive up to 20 years in prison. Moreover, if you shoot and seriously injure or kill someone, you can receive a life sentence for this gun crime.

Wondering about Your Rights?

These extreme outcomes underscore the importance of having effective representation on your side. We will do everything we can to minimize the charges through aggressive negotiation or persuasive advocacy in court. This may also include a careful analysis of your case if there are other serious felony charges, like drug trafficking, that carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence as well.

Our first commitment to our clients is achieving a result that is in their best interests. Innocent people deserve attorneys who have the knowledge and skill to expose the truth. Likewise, diligent counsel can result in a fair plea bargain or sentence. We are here to fight for you.

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