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Very Honest Law Firm

I am beyond thankful to Mr. Penton for all his help. I got in a car accident back in May in which the other driver was at fault. I had no idea dealing with Allstate (the other driver’s insurance company) would be such a headache. Although the other driver was completely at fault and was even cited for causing the accident, Allstate refused to pay the full damages my car received. It was not until Mr. Penton got involved that Allstate took full responsibility for the damages. This is a very honest law firm that puts its clients first.

I Recommend These Guys to Anyone, Any Time

I had a 17-year-old warrant that stopped me from getting a great job here in my state. Ten states away, Manny Penton, who very pleasant and knowledgeable to me on the telephone, solved my problem. And I didn’t even have to leave my state. I recommend these guys to anyone, any time. Thank You, Hoskins & Penton.

Very Honest and Worked Very Hard on My Case

Great lawyers!!!!!! had DUI and leaving a scene of an accident with 2 people hurt. Mr. Penton got two felony charges dropped including leaving the scene. This guy saved me from a mandatory five years in prison, and I have a bad past. Very honest lawyer not too many honest lawyers out there today!!!! He is very honest and worked very hard on my case that seemed helpless. Best money I have ever spent… great lawyer… thanks, Mr. Penton you helped me get my life back.

An Exceptional Lawyer but An Honest and Compassionate Human

I will recommend this legal defense team to everyone I know! Emmanuel Penton is not only an exceptional lawyer but an honest and compassionate human. He was honest, clear, and upfront about everything I should expect. I went into his office hopeless and confused at what to do next, and Mr. Penton helped clear up the confusion and ultimately helped get rid of a five-year suspension on my license so I am able to drive to work again. He didn’t judge or look down on me for any of my previous actions; he simply helped me take steps in the right direction. I couldn’t be more grateful for the help he provided.

Sharp, Attentive Attorneys

Sharp, attentive attorneys who truly know the criminal legal system!!