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Assault Defense Attorneys in Clearwater, Florida

In Florida, a person may be arrested and charged with assault crimes for threatening or attempting to harm another person. Unfortunately, an assault conviction will jeopardize your quality of life, freedom, personal reputation, professional growth, and future opportunities. With your future on the line, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. If you're under investigation for assault, retaining our highly-skilled Florida criminal defense attorneys is crucial to help build your defense strategy.

At The Law Offices of Hoskins and Penton, P.A., our attorneys have the expertise, diligence, and resources to defend and represent clients facing assault charges. As your legal counsel, we can attempt to investigate every aspect of your case thoroughly and outline an effective defense strategy to pursue a favorable outcome for your unique situation.

The Law Offices of Hoskins and Penton, P.A. proudly serves clients across Clearwater, Tampa, New Port Richey, and St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Defining Assault in Florida

Assault involves threatening or deliberately putting another person in reasonable fear of imminent danger, violence, or harm. According to Florida Statutes Section 784.011, an "assault" is;

"an intentional, unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to the person of another, coupled with an apparent ability to do so, and doing some act which creates a well-founded fear in such other person that such violence is imminent."

Types of Assault in Florida

In Florida, assault can be categorized into two, depending on what occurred at the time of the incident – simple and aggravated assault.

Simple Assault

This is the most basic form of assault in Florida. Simple or misdemeanor assault occurs when an individual intentionally threatens or attempts to harm another person while having the ability to cause such harm. For example, threatening to punch someone or raising an object to hit someone. In most cases, simple assault will be charged as a misdemeanor offense.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is more severe than simple assault. It is an assault committed using a deadly weapon or while committing another felony. For instance, threatening someone with a knife or gun, or threatening someone while committing theft. In Florida, aggravated assault will be charged as a felony offense.

If you or someone you know has recently been arrested and charged with assault, you need to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney immediately. Your defense counsel can help you understand the nature of your charges, the possible penalties, and help build your defense.

Possible Penalties

Depending on the level of harm, criminal history, and other surrounding circumstances, the ramifications of a criminal conviction can be far-reaching. If convicted of assault in Florida, the potential penalties and consequences include:

  • Prison sentences (ranging from months or years)

  • Huge fines

  • A criminal record

  • Restitution to the victim

  • Difficulties in obtaining certain financial loans

  • Increased difficulty in securing employment and housing

  • Increased difficulty in getting public benefits or government assistance

  • Loss of your rights to possess, carry or own a firearm or gun

  • Loss of voting rights

  • Increased difficulty in traveling abroad

A knowledgeable Florida assault defense attorney can investigate every last detail of your case thoroughly and explore the available defenses to avoid the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction.

Possible Defenses

When facing assault accusations in Florida, your defense counsel can use any of these defenses to fight your allegations:

  • Self-defense

  • Mistaken identity

  • Defense of property

  • Defense of others

  • Lack of intent to threaten

  • Duress

An aggressive criminal defense lawyer can determine your best defenses and improve your chances of a brighter tomorrow.

Work With a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

Trying to defend your assault allegations without experienced guidance could increase your risks of getting convicted and receiving the maximum penalties. If convicted, you may be facing lengthy prison time, massive fines, a criminal record, and other devastating life-altering ramifications. Therefore, when facing assault accusations, you need to act quickly and hire a skilled criminal defense attorney for proper guidance and to strategize your defense.

At The Law Offices of Hoskins and Penton, P.A., our attorneys have devoted their careers to handling criminal cases and protecting individuals facing assault charges from the worst possible scenario. Using our extensive experience, we will help you navigate the Florida criminal justice system and decide the most effective defense strategy to help fight your charges. Having our team on your side can ensure that you get fair treatment and improve your chances of a favorable outcome for your case.

Assault Defense Attorneys Serving Clearwater, Florida

If you're facing assault charges in Florida, don't face them alone. Contact The Law Offices of Hoskins and Penton, P.A., today to schedule a simple case evaluation. Our trusted attorneys have the reliable representation and comprehensive legal guidance you need to fight your assault allegations. We're proud to serve clients across Clearwater, Tampa, New Port Richey, and St. Petersburg, Florida.