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Bail Bond Reduction Attorneys in Clearwater, Florida

Is Your Bail Bond Too Expensive?

An incident resulting in an arrest and jail is not a pleasant experience. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we have helped numerous clients in resolving and reducing bail bonds. We are able to provide immediate legal assistance by filing a bond reduction motion for hearing for our clients. At the law firm of Hoskins & Penton, we fight for our clients’ rights to ensure the best possible outcome.

We Will Take Your Side Against The System

Bail is set at the time of the arrest. This is why it is essential that proper representation is obtained as soon as possible.

We accompany our clients to the initial appearance at the courthouse at the time of arrest and try to convince the judge that our client is not a risk to society. We try to convince the judge that there is no need to charge a bail amount and to release our client on his or her own recognizance.

Need Legal Counsel?

In the scenario where a client has already had a bail bond amount set, our team of legal professionals will work to convince the judge to lower the bail amount so that our client can manage to leave jail and keep his or her job. A successful bail bond reduction can make a huge financial difference in a person’s life. We also have a working relationship with several local bail bondsmen and are happy to refer our clients to them in the hopes of cutting down on delays and paperwork.

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We know how to reduce bail bonds. If that is what you need, contact our office today. You can reach our legal team by phone or online.