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"A jury consists of 12 persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer." Robert Frost

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At the law firm of Hoskins & Penton we care about our clients. With more than 50 years combined experience as criminal defense attorneys, we are confident in our ability to resolve our clients' cases with the best possible outcome. We provide immediate attention to our clients, take every client seriously, and do everything possible to achieve the best result.

Caring and Dedicated Criminal Law Attorneys in Clearwater

With our experience in a wide range of criminal defense cases, our Florida criminal defense lawyers are able to quickly identify and assess the core issues in our clients' cases and efficiently resolve them. We are attorneys that don't hesitate to answer the phone and quickly call our clients back. We provide information over the phone to clients seeking immediate legal advice as well as welcome clients to free office consultations.

Dependable Criminal Defense

With our experience handling everything from traffic offenses and probation violations, to serious felonies, including drug crimes, robberies and homicides, we are able to provide dependable, effective and efficient representation for our clients. We treat our criminal clients like people, and with the dignity and respect that they deserve. If you are facing charges for a violent crime, drug or alcohol-related crime, or traffic offense, we can help.

We have experience and knowledge of the courts and the judicial system that will allow you to quickly put your case behind you.

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