Aggressive, Experienced Clearwater Criminal Law Attorneys

At the law firm of Hoskins & Penton we have more than 50 years combined experience as criminal defense lawyers. Our Clearwater and New Port Richey criminal law attorneys provide a dual practice background of prosecution and civil practice.

Handling DUIs, Prescription Drug Charges, and Other Cases

We are able to identify key issues in our client's cases and argue their case to the jury or to a judge using this past experience. As a criminal defense firm we handle cases including:

  • DUI: We represent first-time DUI offenders, people facing a second or multiple-DUI arrest, as well as individuals who have been charged with DUI manslaughter. We work to reduce DUI offenses to reckless driving offenses or minimize the damage as much as possible.
  • Driver's license suspension and revocations: We have represented clients who have had their driver's license suspended. We guide them through the process, making sure our clients do everything necessary to shorten the suspension or to obtain a new license. We have helped habitual traffic offenders as well as first-time offenders.
  • Drug possession, trafficking and cultivation: Our Clearwater criminal law attorneys have represented hundreds of people facing all types of drug charges such as marijuana possession and cultivation or trafficking of any other illegal substance. We have experience helping people who have fallen victim to addiction to prescription drugs such as oxycodone.
  • Serious felonies: We also have experience representing a wide range of serious felonies including burglary, weapons charges, robbery, aggravated battery, homicide and sex crimes.
  • Bail bond reduction: We have experience handling cases involving bail bonds, and getting them dropped or lowered.
  • Record sealing and expungement: Our office has represented clients with prior convictions they need to have completely removed from their records, for immigration reasons, or in order to improve future prospects such as employment and certain financial matters. If you qualify for expungement, your prior convictions will no longer be accessible to the public. Sealing a record results in no one except government officials being able to view the record.
  • Clemency hearings: Immigration problems, or problems getting a job, often require clients with prior convictions and felonies to seek a pardon, or to reduce or commute a criminal sentence. Through a petition, followed by a hearing with the state governor and three cabinet members, we do our best to get our clients pardoned.
  • Probation violation: Many people say probation is a postponement of a prison sentence where the client is given the keys to let himself into his cell. The number of people who violate probation, often by missed appointments, or failure to pay government fees, is huge. Hoskins & Penton has experience representing hundreds of clients facing problems with their probation. We investigate to find out exactly what happened, what caused the violation of the terms of the probation, whether it is a serious violation, whether or not the client intended the violation, and then do our best to get the sentence reinstated, if not terminated.

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