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Clearwater, Florida, criminal background checks are extensive background checks. If you have ever been arrested, chances are that the arrest will appear in your record, which can affect your future employment, housing and other aspects of your life. Sealing records or expunging prior criminal records can help you avoid future problems.

Getting a Job With a Criminal Record

At the law office of Hoskins & Penton we have more than 50 years combined experience expunging police and court records. Our lawyers have established a solid working relationship with the courts and judges and have experience with the entire process.

If you qualify for either an expungement or record sealing, it may be one of the best options in regards to clearing up your record.

Expungement: Removal of Criminal Records in New Port Richey

Expungement is a process that permanently removes a prior conviction from an individual's record. If you qualify for expungement, it can be an efficient method of clearing up your record, as prior convictions will no longer be accessible to the public. It is a relatively easy process with proper representation. Contact our office today for more information about expungements.

Criminal Record Sealing

Sealing a record means that no one except government officials have access to it. This method of handling a prior arrest or conviction is a very successful option for many people. If you would like to know more about sealing records contact our office today.

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