Who We Are

“Going to criminal court without a lawyer is like driving down U.S. 19 blindfolded.”

People who are facing criminal charges need to fight, and fight hard. However, they also need to fight smart. We do both. At Hoskins & Penton, P.A., we have over 50 years’ experience as criminal defense lawyers and help our clients in obtaining the best possible result every single time.

Unlike some criminal defense attorneys, we will always treat you with the professionalism and respect you deserve. That is because we truly care about the outcome. We will also be honest. We approach every situation as a winnable case and work as hard as we can for your benefit. If the case is one that can only be resolved in the courtroom, we are ready to go to trial. As you will see from the attorney profiles below, we have the needed background to win.

How We Work

With our experience in a wide range of criminal defense cases, we quickly identify and assess the core issues in our clients’ cases, and efficiently resolve them. We don’t hesitate to answer the phone and quickly call our clients back. We provide information over the phone to clients seeking immediate legal advice as well as welcome clients to free office consultations.

Serious Charges, Respectful Representation

We treat our criminal clients like people, and with the dignity and respect that they deserve. With our experience handling everything from traffic offenses and probation violations to serious felonies, including drug crimes, robberies and homicides, we are able to provide dependable, effective and efficient representation for our clients. If you are facing charges for a violent crime, drug or alcohol-related crime, or traffic offense, we can help.

Get Help With Your Charges Today

Time is of the essence in criminal proceedings. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can review your situation and determine the best way forward. You can reach our Clearwater law firm at 727-475-6448 or online. We represent clients throughout Florida.