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What is the difference between reckless and careless driving?

When you think about careless and reckless driving in Clearwater, you might think they are the same thing. Though they are similar, there are some key differences you should be aware of. Both types of driving behaviors can lead to car accidents, injuries and death. 

Traffic and criminal charges: What you should know

As a motorist who frequents the streets of Florida, you may not realize that certain types of driving behaviors can result in criminal charges. When driving, you pay careful attention to conditions and other motorists to minimize your risk of collision or accident. But sometimes, accidents are not avoidable. 

Probable cause in a Florida DUI stop

One of the major rules affecting Florida DUI cases is that a law enforcement officer must have probable cause to make a stop. However, questions may arise as to whether a particular set of circumstances amounted to probable cause.

3 types of sobriety tests law enforcement may use

Law enforcement officers are constantly under pressure to meet quotas and catch anybody on the road who they may perceive as unsafe. The result is an enthusiasm for making DUI arrests that may prioritize an officer’s objective over a suspect’s rights. Nonetheless, they will typically make arrests on the grounds of certain evidence. The following are several different types of sobriety tests that you may undergo if you have been stopped on suspicion of a DUI.

What are the penalties for a reckless driving charge?

For many people in Florida, driving is so much more than a luxury; it is a privilege. If you abuse your driving privilege by engaging in reckless behavior, you may find yourself facing a reckless driving charge. A reckless driving charge is very serious and can have a significant impact on your future. Not only does it put you at risk for accidents, but your actions could result in the injuries and deaths of others.