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Can You Reinstate a Suspended License for Employment Reasons?

Nov. 18, 2019

When faced with a DUI charge, a driver’s license revocation may be one of the most serious consequences. DUIs are criminal offenses in the state of Florida and allegations of DUI have severe penalties attached. If you need to drive for the sake of your job, this could land you unemployed. Fortunately, according to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you can reobtain your privileges if you need to drive for employment or business reasons.

For those who have never had a conviction before, they must complete a DUI school. In addition, they will have to apply for a hardship reinstatement. The standards that you have to follow are supposed to deter any further DUIs. For those who receive a reinstatement, they must have an ignition interlock device if they had a BAC over .15 percent. Interlock devices prevent the car from starting if you are under the influence.

For a second conviction in five years, the standards become tougher. Here is what you have to do to apply for reinstatement:

  • Must apply after one year

  • Must not drink alcohol for a year prior to reinstatement

  • Must not drive a motor vehicle for a year prior

  • Must complete a DUI school and remain in a supervision program

For those who do not follow the regulations, they may have their license suspended again. For three convictions in 10 years, the wait period increases. You have to wait for two instead of one year. Likewise, for a DUI manslaughter charge, you have to wait five years.

The above should not be interpreted as legal advice. It is for informational purposes only.