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Company Invents Patch that Tells Drivers when They Are Drunk

Oct. 7, 2016

It is common for people in Florida to choose designated drivers when they go out on the town. However, a problem may occur when the designated driver accidentally has a few too many drinks.

That’s why a company called DermaTec has invented a new wearable drinking safety patch called the ONUSBlue. The patch changes color when a person who is wearing it is no longer safe to drive. The company envisions that it could help inform designated drivers if they are no longer safe to drive so that they and their friends can find alternatives for getting home.

The patch works by measuring alcohol that is present in the sweat on people’s skin. The company indicates that it is working with restaurants, bars and other businesses to create fun custom designs. It would be possible for establishments to check patches as people prepare to leave and then offer to call taxis or ride shares so that they could get home safely. DermaTec is currently working to get the patch into mass production.

Drunk driving is treated harshly by the criminal justice system because of the potential dangers posed to other motorists. People who are convicted of DUIs may face jail sentences, probation, mandatory alcohol education and treatment classes, fines and other penalties. A person who is charged with driving under the influence might want to get help from an attorney who has experience with DUI cases. A lawyer might be able to challenge the admissibility of some of the evidence or negotiate a favorable plea for a client.