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Drunk Driving Charges During Holidays

May 27, 2020

People are charged with driving drunk at all times of the year. However, there are certain occasions when even more people are stopped for driving under the influence, such as holidays. Often, when people celebrate various holidays and other important dates (such as anniversaries and birthdays), they drink alcohol. Unfortunately, this leads to DUI charges in some instances.

Not only do drunk driving charges derail one’s holiday celebrations, but they often give rise to many other hardships in life. In this post, we will explore some issues related to DUI charges during holidays.

Checkpoints and The Prevalence of Drunk Driving

On many holidays, law enforcement officials set up checkpoints and pay closer attention to drivers’ behavior. Many people are caught off-guard when they are pulled over for driving drunk, even if they are sober. Moreover, during the holidays, there are often more people on the road with alcohol in their system. As a result, drunk driving charges are especially likely during various holidays, from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

The Consequences of A DUI

Those stopped for driving drunk often face many different hurdles afterward. Aside from legal stress and uncertainty about their future, a lot of people in this position have to deal with financial penalties, career problems, issues in their personal relationships, a shattered reputation, and even time behind bars, among other problems. It is imperative to handle a DUI case carefully in order to secure a better outcome. Our website covers many other legal topics that are related to drunk driving charges.