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DUI Penalty and Distracted Driving

June 9, 2020

People arrested for driving under the influence offenses in Florida may experience a range of penalties depending on the circumstances of their specific case. In some situations, a person’s driver’s license may be temporarily suspended or even revoked as part of their DUI penalties. In order to reinstate their ability to drive during a suspension or revocation period, a driver may install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. For some drivers, the use of an IID is mandated.

Florida’s IID Laws

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle department indicates that a driver may need to install and use an ignition interlock device even if they have no prior DUI charges on their record. The length of time that a driver must use an IID can vary based in part on the presence of any prior offenses. A driver may need to keep an ignition interlock device installed for anywhere between six months and five years.

IID Breath Tests

As explained by Car and Driver magazine, a person with an IID must not only take and pass a breath test prior to starting a vehicle’s ignition but also at random times while driving. Referred to as rolling retests, these tests must be completed within three minutes of the initial prompt to the driver. Failure to complete a rolling retest in the stated time may result in a violation.

Taking a rolling retest requires a driver to hold the IID breath unit, read the display on the unit, and pay attention to all prompts and steps. Together, this process creates visual, manual, and cognitive distractions for drivers.