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Florida Keys Couple Arrested, Charged with Drug Offenses

March 8, 2018

A Florida Keys couple arrested on March 1 for selling cocaine at a Marathon Walgreens is now facing drug charges. The two sold cocaine to an undercover agent who was posing as a drug buyer inside the popular pharmacy’s bathroom, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

The two arrests resulted from an undercover operation that sought to investigate the sale of drugs in the area. According to police, the operation had been ongoing since earlier in the year. In this case, the undercover agent called the man and claimed to be a buyer interested in purchasing cocaine. The man handed the phone to the woman, who then allegedly arranged the place and time for the deal to take place.

The arrest of the pair on drug charges came after they sold the cocaine to the undercover officer for $100. At least part of the transaction was recorded by the undercover operative, police said, noting that the video showed the offender entering the Walgreens bathroom.

People facing charges for drug offenses often deal with harsh prosecution tactics that seek severe penalties and lengthy sentences. Even in cases involving a relatively small amount of drugs and money, such as the aforementioned case, drug charges can lead to prison time, costly fines and felony criminal records. First-time offenders could be dealing with a significant sentence as a result. With help from a criminal defense lawyer, a defendant can come up with a legal strategy. In some cases, a lawyer could negotiate with the prosecution for a lighter sentence.