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Florida Traffic Stop Yields 1 Pound of Crystal Meth

Aug. 4, 2017

The Special Investigations Division of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office stopped a vehicle near Panama City and found one pound of methamphetamine. The sheriff’s department described the 30-year-old passenger of the vehicle as a Bay County transient who had an outstanding warrant after violating a pretrial release.

Law enforcement officers also reported finding in the vehicle drug paraphernalia, prescription oycodone and a small amount of cocaine. The man was arrested and placed in the Bay County Jail. Authorities charged him with possession of a controlled substance and trafficking in a large amount of methamphetamine.

Because he allegedly had over 400 grams, a conviction on the methamphetamine charge would be considered a capital felony requiring a minimum sentence of 25 years. This methamphetamine was not the first pound that authorities had accused him of trafficking. He was out on bond after a previous arrest for the same thing when investigators targeted him in the current drug bust.

People who have been arrested by law enforcement and accused of felony drug charges have a right to legal counsel. An attorney could inform them of their rights and offer advice before they answer questions from investigators or in court. To prepare a defense strategy, an attorney could review the evidence and possibly question the methods used to collect evidence or the client’s association with it. This tactic might prompt a prosecutor to reduce or drop charges if evidence is weak. Another approach could involve negotiations with a prosecutor for a plea bargain that excludes a felony charge.

Source: NWF Daily News, “Major crystal meth bust lands NW Florida transient in jail“, July 24, 2017