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Florida Woman Arrested for DUI After Parking Lot Crash

March 16, 2018

A Florida woman is facing driving under the influence charges after she crashed her car in a grocery store parking lot. Law enforcement only took the 50-year-old woman into custody after she left the scene of the crash to buy more wine inside the store.

According to the Cape Coral Police Department, law enforcement was notified of a possible accident after a store customer exited the building and noticed damage to her parked vehicle. As police were interviewing the customer, the alleged offender approached the scene with her recently-purchased wine and admitted to hitting the car.

The police officers noticed as they spoke with the woman that she was unstable and smelled of alcohol. They proceeded to administer field sobriety tests. After the woman failed the field sobriety tests, she was arrested and booked into the Lee County Jail. She was later charged with DUI and hit and run. An inventory search of her vehicle after her arrest revealed her recently purchased bottled of Moscato and an empty bottle of chardonnay under the driver’s seat.

It is imperative that an individual charged with driving under the influence seek the counsel of an attorney immediately. DUI charges can carry stiff penalties including fines, suspension of driving privileges and jail time. An attorney with experience in criminal defense law may be able to help a defendant understand the charges and guide them through the criminal justice system. Legal counsel could also help an individual reach a satisfactory outcome by negotiating a plea deal. A plea arrangement might lead to a reduced penalty.