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Large Drug Bust Results in Several Arrests

May 27, 2017

Five people have been arrested in Florida and charged with allegedly possessing large quantities of drugs. The arrests took place in Milton on May 17 after police exercised a search warrant on a home located in the city.

Officers with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit reportedly forced their way into the home after initially attempting to knock. Inside, the deputies reported that they found four people and that one of the four tried to run away before being caught. The officers arrested a fifth person who drove up to the house because he allegedly had methamphetamines in his possession.

A 41-year-old man who was inside the house reportedly overdosed and was taken to a hospital for treatment. He allegedly had almost 30 grams of methamphetamines in his pocket. Deputies reported that they found a variety of different drugs, including Alprazolam, morphine and methamphetamines. They also reportedly found drug paraphernalia, including spoons and baggies. All of the people who were arrested are facing a number of felony and misdemeanor drug charges with the exception of the man who reportedly tried to run away. He is facing a charge of resisting arrest but is not facing any drug charges.

When people are accused of drug offenses, they might want to retain experienced criminal defense attorneys as soon as they can. When attorneys are hired early on in their clients’ cases, they have more time to investigate the matters before witnesses and evidence are lost. This may help them to build stronger defense cases for their clients. The attorneys may then be in better negotiating positions so that they can try to secure reductions in the charges or alternative sentences that do not include the potential for prison. They might be able to obtain dismissals in some cases.