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Legalizing Marijuana at The Federal Level

Dec. 5, 2019

A change in the drug laws at the federal level could have drastic effects on those facing or with past convictions for a drug crime. Lawmakers on Capital Hill are currently looking into federal marijuana laws. At this time, only medical marijuana is legal in Florida, but a change to federal law could change state law as well.

The way a bill becomes laws at the federal level requires many steps. The law to legalize marijuana is in the first stages in the House of Representatives, according to CNBC. To become a law, it will need to go through the Senate as well. The House Judiciary Committee approved the bill, which would remove marijuana as a controlled substance and legalize it. The full House must still approve it.

Then, the bill is onto the Senate. The House and Senate are much different atmospheres. Getting the bill through the House is very likely, but it will face scrutiny in the Senate where it may not pass. The issue is the Majority Leader in the Senate is against legalizing the drug. This does not bode well for it becoming law.

However, Politico explains that President Trump seems to support the legalization of marijuana. He is not likely to oppose the passing of the bill through Congress. There have also been many republicans in the House showing support for the bill. Plus, the Senate did recently approve a bill that changes banking regulations for the marijuana industry.

There is still quite a way to go until the bill gets to the point of a vote in the Senate. There is a lot left to discuss. Minds may change. However, the current climate indicates that legalization at the federal level is not likely to occur right now.