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Man Allegedly Attempts to Hide Drug Money in Rectum

Sept. 7, 2017

On Aug. 26, a 26-year-old Florida man was taken into custody after a Marion County deputy smelled marijuana during a traffic stop. During a search of the vehicle, other drugs were reportedly found, including heroin, methamphetamine and rock cocaine.

The deputy conducted a traffic stop on a white Buick after observing the vehicle speeding near East Highway 40 and Baseline Road. While the man was being taken into custody, authorities noted that he had a large amount of money and a small amount of marijuana on his person. When they arrived at the local jail, however, the money seemed to have disappeared. The man said that the police had already taken the money, though the detention deputies observed money falling from the man’s buttocks. During a search of the man, the deputies reportedly found more than $1,000 hidden in the man’s rectum.

The man was ultimately charged with trafficking cocaine with intent to sell, trafficking heroin, trafficking methamphetamine and smuggling contraband into a detention facility, among other offenses. Authorities also noted that the man had a 7-month old baby in the front passenger seat.

Being in possession of even a small amount of drugs can result in serious consequences, such as incarceration, probation and the requirement to undergo treatment or rehabilitation. In some cases, those who are facing serious drug charges may find it difficult to seek employment or continue with schooling if they are convicted on the charges. Depending on the circumstances under which a person was taken into custody, a criminal law attorney could challenge the legality of a traffic stop or mount a defense against the accusations. If a person’s rights were violated due to an illegal search and seizure, for example, the evidence found could be suppressed.

Source: FOX News, “Accused Florida drug dealer hides $1,000 in rectum“, Aug. 29, 2017