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Man in Santa Costume Accused of Drug Possession

Dec. 29, 2016

Sheriff’s deputies in Florida took a man dressed as Santa Claus into custody for drug charges on Dec. 19. The man was stopped in Jacksonville after he was seen repeatedly taking items out of a U-Haul truck and walking away. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, a drug-related investigation was underway when the 41-year-old man was spotted in a parking lot.

At the time of the incident, the accused man was dressed in a full Santa Claus costume that included a suit, hat and a beard. When the man noticed that sheriff’s deputies were watching him, he reportedly ran from the area. The deputies allege that a significant quantity of marijuana was visible in the driver’s seat of the U-Haul.

After the man tripped, the deputies caught up with him and found him to be in possession of a plastic baggie and cash. During a subsequent search of the U-Haul, police allegedly discovered marijuana, MDMA and a scale in the driver’s seat. Deputies also found a five-gallon bucket containing what they believed to be marijuana, molly and ecstasy pills. The man was handed several drug charges related to drug possession and intent to sell drugs.

When authorities find a substance that they believe is an illegal drug, they may test the substance using a cheap roadside drug test kit. Drug test kits often display false results, and a lab test may show that a drug test result was wrong. A criminal defense attorney may be able to have charges dismissed if that turns out to be the case.

Source: CBS News, “Police: Florida man dressed as Santa caught with molly, ecstasy pills, marijuana,” Dec. 20, 2016