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Man Reports Himself to Police for Drunk Driving

Jan. 11, 2018

On Jan. 6, Florida authorities released a report regarding a man who called the police on New Year’s Eve to report himself for driving while under the influence of alcohol. The dispatcher reportedly kept the man on the phone while authorities attempted to locate him.

The man told the dispatcher that he was drunk and had no idea where he was. He told her that he was driving on the wrong side of the road and was attempting to get pulled over. Eventually, it appeared that he parked in the middle of the road. When authorities arrived at his location, he allegedly told them that he had drunk several beers and had taken some methamphetamine. He also noted that he had barely slept over the last few days. Authorities said that he had a criminal history that included drug possession, hit and run, and DUI.

People who are convicted on DUI charges could face serious consequences. While there are certainly legal consequences, which can include a jail sentence and probation, there are also administrative consequences, which could include a loss of the person’s driving privileges. The administrative decision happens fairly quickly, so moving fast to reduce the severity of the consequences is important.

A criminal law attorney may attempt to reduce a drunk driving charge, especially if this is the first one the person is facing. By reducing the charge to a reckless driving charge, the consequences are reduced and will have less of an impact on the person’s life. The attorney can also recommend steps the person can take to reduce the consequences even if this is not the first DUI charge he or she is facing, like alcohol awareness classes.

Source: CBS News, “Listen to man’s 911 call reporting himself drunk driving in Florida“, Jan. 6, 2018