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Narcotics Operation Leaves 5 Facing Drug-Related Charges

June 1, 2018

Florida deputies arrested five people following a drug bust in Hendry County on May 22. According to authorities, sheriff’s deputies discovered illegal drugs, drug money and firearms inside a Labelle home on Bridle Way during the operation. The deputies also found narcotics in three vehicles that were parked in the yard when the operation took place. One of the handguns recovered by law enforcement officials has been confirmed stolen out of Palm Bay.

Reports indicate that two handguns, four rifles, $3,500 in drug money, nine Xanax pills, 281 grams of marijuana and 7 grams of cocaine were found on the property. The cocaine is valued at $375. A 26-year-old man, a 25-year-old woman, a 19-year-old man and two 18-year-old men are each facing charges of possession of drug equipment and intent to sell marijuana and cocaine as well as other possible drug-related charges.

One of the 18-year-old men is being held in jail without bond under the Widman Act. The other remains in jail on $126,500 bail. The 19-year-old man is out of jail on $126,000 bail, and the woman bonded out of jail at $50,500. The oldest man, who reportedly already had charges for operating a drug house and stealing a gun, is out of jail on $55,000 bond.

The investigation remains open as detectives work to determine whether several laptop computers, TVs and other electronic equipment recovered during the investigation are stolen. Because drug charges might ultimately lead to life-changing consequences, alleged offenders may want to seek legal counsel. Upon review of a case, legal counsel may be able to help s client determine a beneficial course of action moving forward.