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Panama City Arrest Results in Major Drug and Cash Seizure

Sept. 23, 2017

Police officers in the Florida Panhandle have reportedly seized more than $400,000 worth of controlled substances along with $3,769 in cash from the home of a 44-year old man. According to Lieutenant Edmundson of the Panama City Police Department, officers executed a search warrant that resulted in the confiscation of a smorgasbord of illicit drugs, including various amphetamines, cocaine hydrochloride in powder form and crack cocaine.

A police spokesman explained that he could not provide details on whether more suspects will be arrested as a result of this enforcement action. The officer credited the work of investigators as having led to the arrest; however, he did not elaborate on whether confidential informants were involved. The cache of drugs included more than 4 kilos of methamphetamine oil, 156.9 grams of powder cocaine and 14.3 grams of crystallized methamphetamine. Officers also reported finding paraphernalia and firearm ammunition.

The drug charges mentioned thus far in this case include drug trafficking, drug possession, keeping a drug house, manufacturing and unlawful possession of ammunition. The suspect is also believed to be a convicted felon. These are all serious drug offenses, particularly those related to manufacturing and keeping a drug house.

In Florida, the aforementioned drug charges could have very serious consequences, particularly when they involve actions allegedly undertaken by a convicted felon. Nevertheless, a criminal defense attorney may be able to look at the facts of the case, starting with how the search warrant was obtained and how the search and seizure was conducted. The weights of the seized substances can be challenged, and the possession of methamphetamine oil could be questioned as to whether it merits charges of manufacturing. A strategy in this situation could be to reduce charges, pursue a drug diversion program and improve the outcome of the case.