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Suspension of A Florida Driver’s License Due to Error

April 22, 2020

Not carrying insurance may result in a driver’s license suspension of up to three years. Failure to pay outstanding fines and fees, however, may result in a permanent revocation.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, one out of every eight Floridians has a suspended driver’s license. In some cases, the cause is a motorist who cannot afford to pay the fines and fees from tickets and other charges. When he or she does pay, however, the record-keeping system used by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles may not always update correctly.

Internal DHSMV Errors

An internal error made within the Florida DHSMV could result in a mistaken driver’s license suspension. A motorist, however, may never know about the suspension until a law enforcement official pulls his or her vehicle over for a routine traffic stop.

The officer may issue a ticket for the observed violation, such as running a red light or having a broken taillight, and then issue another citation for driving with a suspended license. Under certain conditions, the motorist could also see his or her vehicle impounded on the spot.

External Insurance Company Errors

The Florida DHSMV requires all individuals who register an automobile to carry insurance. Florida motorists who do not meet the coverage requirements can have their licenses suspended. Unfortunately, it is possible for the DHSMV system to suspend a driver’s license if an auto insurance company causes an error.

A Sunshine State resident discovered a law enforcement officer taking the license plates off his vehicle. As reported by ABC Action News, the Florida DHSMV suspended his driving privileges for purportedly not carrying auto insurance. Due to an error on the part of the insurance company, the VIN number on the policy did not match the one on the vehicle.

Depending on the circumstances, law enforcement officials may remove a car’s license plates or impound a driver’s vehicle following a license suspension. To reinstate a driver’s license, an individual must show proof of insurance and pay any outstanding fines in addition to a maximum $500 fee. Retrieving an impounded vehicle may incur additional costs.