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Tiger Woods Prepares to Enter DUI Diversion Program

Nov. 6, 2017

On Oct. 24, it was reported that Tiger Woods was preparing to enter a diversion program in Florida designed for those accused of driving while intoxicated by intending to plead guilty in court on Oct. 27. According to authorities, the program that the 41-year-old pro golfer was scheduled to attend had less than 1 percent of participants reoffend after completing it.

As part of the diversion program, Woods will be required to pay a $250 fine and court costs. Additionally, he will be on probation for a full year while attending DUI school and workshops with the victims of DUI incidents. Finally, he will need to complete 20 hours and undergo regular drug testing.

If Woods completes the program, he can go back to court and request that the reckless driving conviction be expunged. However, if he receives a second DUI charge, he will be treated like a second-time offender. Further, he would not be able to participate in the diversion program again. If he is convicted on the charge, he would face jail time, a suspension of his driver’s license and steep fines.

Florida takes accusations of drunk driving seriously due to the fact that DUI accidents can end in serious injuries or death. However, if a Florida resident is a first-time offender, he or she may be eligible to enter a diversion program. A criminal law attorney may determine if a person accused of DUI is eligible to participate in this type of program or if there are viable defenses to the DUI accusation, such as challenging the traffic stop as not being made with the required reasonable suspicion.

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