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What is a DUI Diversion Program?

May 1, 2020

A DUI charge may mean you need to consider some new ways to go about your regular routine. When it comes to dealing with these charges and a possible conviction having all the facts at hand may help make the decision easier.

If you find yourself facing DUI charges for the first time, you may have the option to attend a diversion program. Take a look at what may go on in this type of class and if it may prove the right fit for your situation.

A DUI Diversion Program

A diversion program is something the prosecutor handling your case establishes. It usually consists of a class that you take either in person or online. You must complete the course and any other requirements the prosecutor has set out for you. The class aims to help educate drivers charged with a DUI on the dangers of this type of behavior. It goes over state laws, possible outcomes of DUI crashes, and what may happen should you get caught driving under the influence subsequent times. You must pay for the class, which typically runs about $300. Along with the course, the prosecutor may require other elements for your diversion program, such as community service, license suspension and counseling.

Positive Outcomes of Completion

If you complete the diversion program per the terms, the prosecutor may lessen the charges or drop them. While you may not have these charges show up in a background check for work, they will appear should you get caught driving under the influence again. This means that you could face harsher penalties the second time around, even if you complete a diversion program the first time.

Diversion programs may help first-time offenders move forward. Not every person is eligible, but it does not hurt to ask.