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Woman Taken Into Custody on Drug Charges

April 19, 2018

Authorities in Florida used a warrant to search home owned by a 44-year-old woman. She was also the sole occupant of the house where police found ledgers, baggies and a variety of drugs. A larger plastic bag contained 21.2 grams of cocaine, and cocaine was also found on a mirror. In addition to the cocaine, authorities found THC vaping oil, marijuana and prescription pills. The search also uncovered $9,095 in cash, and some of that money was obtained after selling drugs to undercover officers.

Authorities charged the woman with trafficking cocaine, possession of marijuana with intent to sell and possession of several different controlled substances. She was also charged with being in possession of drug paraphernalia. A representative from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit said that carrying out such investigations is a benefit to the community. She also mentioned that officers work to assist drug users in their efforts to get clean.

Those who are taken into custody on one or more drug charges could face significant penalties such as jail or prison time. Fines, probation and community service could also be penalties assessed for a conviction on drug charges. However, just because a person is charged with a crime doesn’t mean that he or she will be convicted.

An attorney may cast doubt on physical evidence or witness testimony that is used to charge a person with possession or distribution of controlled substances. In some cases, evidence may be suppressed, which means that it can’t be used at trial. This may be enough to weaken the case against a person to such a degree that drug charges are dropped.