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October 2016 Archives

The dangers of prescription drug use

When it comes to drinking and driving, one of the things that can make a bad situation worse is prescription drug use. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of prescription drugs provided or ordered per year hit 2.3 billion during the most recent study of physician offices alone. Another 286.2 million were given in the hospital emergency room while 329.2 million were ordered during visits by hospital outpatients. Despite the fact that over 48 percent of the population reported taking one or more medications in the past 30 days, there are many dangers that users are not aware of.

Faulty drug test kit gets Florida man arrested

Safariland, a company that produces roadside drug test kits, and the city of Orlando have been named in a lawsuit brought forward by a man arrested on inaccurate charges of crystal methamphetamine possession. The substance taken from his vehicle and tested during the traffic stop proved to be sugar glaze pieces from Krispy Kreme donuts. The roadside kit, however, twice gave a false positive for methamphetamine on the sample.

Ignition interlock devices and Florida law

Drinking and driving is a national concern, and efforts to prevent DUI accidents have spanned many decades. Ignition interlock is an important tool used by officials to prevent repeat offenses by restricting driving activity by an intoxicated individual. To start a vehicle equipped with this system, an individual must breathe into an apparatus that assesses blood alcohol levels. Intoxication should prevent driving. Florida drivers could be subject to this requirement based on state laws, which are typically connected to prior DUI offenses or certain mitigating factors during a first offense.

Why Florida residents may benefit from new drug policies

According to a report from Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union, the personal use and possession of drugs should be decriminalized. Each year, 1.25 million people are taken into custody by police for drug possession in the United States, which equates to one person being taken into custody every 25 seconds. In 2015, more people were booked marijuana-related charges than for rape, robbery and murder combined.