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November 2016 Archives

Do breath analyzers really work?

When a police officer pulls you over, a breath analyzer test may be administered to check on your intoxication level. While this may give a good indication of whether or not a driver is drunk, there are also factors besides alcohol that can cause your alcohol blood concentration to seem much higher than it actually is.

More sentences commuted for some drug offenders

Detainees in Florida federal prisons who are planning to plead for a sentence reduction under the Obama administration's 2014 clemency initiative may want to know that the effort is unlikely to continue once President-elect Donald Trump takes office, according to news sources. Following Obama's granting of 79 commutations on Nov. 22, a statement released by the director of one criminal justice reform group indicated that the president can and must step up the pace before time runs out on his administration.

Marijuana, driving and breath testing needs

Florida motorists may be extremely familiar with the concept of blood alcohol content, which can be quickly evaluated during a stop on the state's roadways. BAC levels and testing methods have become rather uniform throughout the nation although the consequences for driving over the legal BAC may vary from one state to another. With many states addressing marijuana use through legislation and public votes on medical and recreational use, the need for intoxication standards is becoming more urgent. Unfortunately, THC levels in marijuana users may not be as easy to monitor.

Cocaine possession charges for former NFL player

Florida NFL fans may be aware that former Cowboys and Panthers player Greg Hardy was taken into custody on Sept. 26 on drug-related charges. He was stopped by police in Dallas, and when they searched his car, they found a bag that had what they believed to be cocaine in it. Hardy denied any knowledge of how the cocaine had gotten in his car.

Florida woman's kids turn in mom for allegedly being drunk

According to law enforcement officers with the Melbourne Police Department, a 41-year-old Rockledge woman was taken into custody on Halloween after her kids tried to get help for her because she was allegedly drunk. The incident happened in the parking lot of a strip mall located on North Wickham Road.