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December 2016 Archives

Man in Santa costume accused of drug possession

Sheriff's deputies in Florida took a man dressed as Santa Claus into custody for drug charges on Dec. 19. The man was stopped in Jacksonville after he was seen repeatedly taking items out of a U-Haul truck and walking away. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, a drug-related investigation was underway when the 41-year-old man was spotted in a parking lot.

Scientists prove Auto-Brewery Syndrome

While it may sound like science fiction, researchers are beginning to find that there is a condition that causes some people to produce alcohol in their guts. This phenomenon is referred to as Auto-Brewery Syndrome and has given doctors, lawmakers and scientists an entirely new perspective on certain cases of drunk driving.

Synthetic drug makers seek to stay ahead of the law

Florida residents will have likely read news reports in recent months about the dangers posed by synthetic drugs with street names like spice and bath salts. Drug makers who want to avoid lengthy prison sentences sometimes alter the way that illegal substances are made in order to skirt U.S. laws. Federal authorities generally act quickly to outlaw these new compounds, which prompts their manufacturers to tinker with their formulas once again in order to stay one step ahead of the law.

NFL player charged with drunk driving after Florida game

Many Florida football fams watched the Miami Dolphins beat the Arizona Cardinals by 26 to 23 on Dec. 11. Shortly after his team flew home from the game, 27-year-old Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd was booked for DUI charges in Arizona. The incident took place at 2:48 a.m. on Dec. 12.

Fugitive from Florida reportedly caught in New York

According to law enforcement authorities, a man who was allegedly involved in a Florida drug ring was found in New York on Staten Island after going into hiding for almost a year. The 40-year-old man had apparently been working in automotive shops while he was a fugitive from his Florida charges.

Roadside drug ID tests producing false positives

Truckers in Florida may expect normal driving hazards like fog and wet roads, but law enforcement officers and their roadside drug test kits have created a new problem. Some types of tests have gained a bad reputation for inaccuracy because of false positives. Substances like baking soda, tortilla flour and candy have been erroneously identified as cocaine or methamphetamine during traffic stops.